YAOI NEWS: VIZ Media’s BL Panel at YaoiCon

Hey all!
As promised here is some news about VIZ Media's new boys' love imprint, which launches this Saturday at YaoiCon. I will be heading up the panel along with a few others and here's where you can find us:
Salon F
11:45 to 12:45
Corrected YaoiCon Schedule (Please note, the original schedule YaoiCon posted had a different time listed so please use this schedule)
We will be announcing the name of the imprint, showing some surprise videos as well as announcing our first titles. There will be a Q&A at the end of the panel so make sure you're there. See you Saturday!
~Jennifer LeBlanc

The new boy's love/yaoi publisher is called SuBLime and here is where you can find it:

SITE NEWS: The Yaoi Review is Shutting Down

No, it's not April Fool's, I am shutting down The Yaoi Review. Don't worry… it's for good reason! You may have heard that Viz Media was recently looking for a Boys' Love Editor. Well, after some prodding by a few of you I applied for the position and got it! Monday was my first day and it was great. I'm very excited about the position and how I'll be able to help the boys' love industry grow. Although it is sad for me to close the site, it is due to some amazing circumstances.

Thanks to those of you who made me believe I could actually go for this position and/or offered your advice… I hope I'll make you all proud! As soon as the details of the new venture are sorted out I will post again so you know where to find us on Twitter, Facebook, etc.  I will still have my TYR Twitter and Facebook accounts as those will continue to be my personal accounts to talk about yaoi but it will strictly be from a fan perspective. There will be no new reviews or news posts going forward, although I will leave the site and all of its existing content up for you to peruse. Anyway, thanks for all of your love these last few years and I hope you have enjoyed the site as much as I have. :-)

~Jennifer LeBlanc

Happy Yaoi Day!

Who knew we had our own holiday? In case you're wondering why today is "Yaoi Day" it comes down to understanding the meaning behind 801. I wrote a Word of the Day post on 801 ages ago so I'll just recap it below:

"Another term for yaoi is 801. "801" can be read as "yaoi" in the following form: the "short" reading of the number 8 is "ya", 0 can be read as "o" – a western influence without doubt, while the short reading for 1 is "i" (see Japanese wordplay). For example, an Internet manga called Tonari no 801-chan, about an otaku guy who dates a fujoshi, has been adapted into a serialised shojo manga and a live-action film. 801-chan, the mascot of a Japanese shopping centre, is used in the manga." Source

Now you know why 801 Media uses 801 in their name. So what does that have to do with today? Well, for most of us it is still August 1st or 8/01. Get it? Now go celebrate!

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI NEWS: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi S2 Airs October!

A couple days ago ANN confirmed that the second season of Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi has been green lit and now the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi LiveJournal Community has posted an image of the below ad confirming season two is to start airing this October. However, at the time of this post the website for the series had not been updated to confirm this information.

It appears Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi is following in the same footsteps as Junjo Romantica, which had a very similar airing schedule and time between seasons. If you are unfamiliar with Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi, season one aired in Japan in April of this year and was simulcast by Crunchyroll. You can catch the entire season one on Crunchyroll here

If anyone wants to provide a complete English translation, feel free to post it below in comments and I will add it to this post with proper credit.

Thanks to @thisfangirlsays for pointing out the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi LiveJournal Community where this was posted, and to @MagicalEmi for confirming the translation!

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI AMV: “My Dick” Hetalia Version

I forgot about this one until someone brought it up on twitter. I can't believe I never posted it! This AMV won Best Comedy at YaoiCon 2010. Enjoy!

YAOI CONTEST: Win a Copy of Viewfinder V4!

Digital Manga Publishing has graciously offered up four copies of Viewfinder Volume 4 for me to give away to you! The contest is open to everyone worldwide and this time I'm going to make the contest a little tougher. Contest entrants will need to complete a piece of dialogue from each of the prior three volumes released in order to have a chance of winning. The dialogue is taken straight from DMP's own releases and WILL NOT match to BeBeautiful's prior releases or scanlations. If you don't give me the exact dialogue, you can't win.
Ok, let's get started! Complete the dialogue for each volume. They will gradually become more difficult. Since volume 4 is expected in about three weeks, I am making the end date of the contest July 24, 2011

NEW YAOI LICENSE: Black Sun Volume 2

Since this is now listed on Amazon, I can finally tell you that DMP has finalized their licensing on Black Sun Volume 2! Amazon has it listed for release on December 6th. Here is the synopsis given for volume 2:

"As the former Crusader commander Lord Francis and the king continue their manipulations of both Leonard and General Jan, it is quite apparent that they intend to drive the two lovers apart. But why is that? Is Leonard really just a plaything for General Jan as the spoils of war? Or will General Jan continue to defy convention and risk everything by disobeying his king in order to claim the heart and body of the knight he conquered in battle?"

This is one of my all time favorites so I am very excited that Uki Ogasawara have finally released volume two in Japan. I'm also very happy that we will only be waiting a little over five months to see it in English! Thank you DMP! If you are unfamiliar with this title, here is my review of volume one way back in January of 2009.

~Jennifer LeBlanc

Worldwide Yaoi Convention Updates

Here are some updates regarding the various yaoi conventions around the world!

"Previously known as Yaoifest, AniFet is our new name as we expand our horizons to include all the great things we love about conventions, but can't find there! Join us as we celebrate Yaoi, Yuri, Hentai, Bishonen, Bishojou, Furry, Anthro and more alternative fandoms!" 

This year's AniFET convention takes place in a few days from July 4th to July 7th in Calgary, Alberta Canada. July 4th and 5th are for all ages 16+ and July 6th and 7th are for all ages 18+. You can find their website here and their Facebook group here.  

Bishie Con Announces Bishie Con Cabaret 2011!

"Bishie Con 2010 was such an amazing event that we just couldn't go through with our plan to stop having Bishie Con after this year. Though we do not have the time resources to host an entire Bishie Con in 2011, we will be offering an event for yaoi and slash fans ages 18 and up. Bishie Con Cabaret will be a 12-hour event on a Saturday in mid-December. Starting at 3:00 in the afternoon, Bishie Con Cabaret will have stage events (karaoke, improv, game shows, etc.), limited panel programming, and a vendor room open into the night. We will hold the event in a hotel and serve snacks throughout it just like we did at Bishie Con the past two years. More information on the date and location are coming soon! We hope you will grace us with your presence at this Bishie Con event!"

For you fans in the U.K. there is a group trying to get a yaoi convention together for you. Right now they only have a twitter account but check in for updates or to advise them on what you'd like! They're looking for business affiliates, mascot recommendations and date recommendations for 2012. Make your voices heard!


This year's YaoiCon in San Francisco is two weekends before Halloween, October 21st through the 23rd. It is strictly an 18+ convention. This year's guest of honor is Fusanosuke Inariya of Maiden Rose fame. Updates are coming fast and furious so check out the official site for AMV contest theme, bishie auction, advertising, scheduling a panel, etc. See you there!

~Jennifer LeBlanc

DMP & IDW Bring 20 New Titles to eManga.com


Partnership brings first American Comics to eManga.com
Gardena, CA (June 29, 2011) - Digital Manga, one of the manga industry's most unique and creative publishers, is proud to announce another online collaboration with IDW Publishing, a leading and award-winning publisher of American comics, graphic novels and trade paperbacks, based in San Diego, California. This evolving partnership will launch with twenty new titles from IDW’s backlist catalog to eManga’s online library.
This is the first time a mainstream American comics publisher will be showcasing their titles to what was previously a manga only online reading storefront. Digital Manga’s eManga.com will be expanding their library to reach out to manga fans who are also fans of American comics and to those who would like to try something new.
The IDW titles will be available for purchase through eManga’s online manga service, emanga.com, which streams content through an Adobe Flash player, allowing readers to access their library wherever they have an internet connection. Originally sold as comics and as a full graphic novels with an average price ranging from $3.99 to $19.99 in print, IDW’s titles will be available on eManga.com varying from $1.99 to $14.99.
The first batch of IDW titles will launch with the following titles: Army of Two, Astro Boy: The Official Movie Adaptation, Astro Boy: Underground – the Official Movie Prequel, Danger Girl, Deep Space: Salvage, Doctor Who: Agent Provocateur, Doctor Who: The Forgotten, Dragon Age, The Last Unicorn, Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft, Locke & Key: Head Games, Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows, Silent Hill: Sinner’s Reward, Silent Hill: Past Life, Star Trek: Movie Adaptation, Tribes: The Dog Years, True Blood, Witch and Wizard, Zombies vs. Robots, and Zombies vs. Robots Aventure.
For more information about our eManga system and to begin reading right away, visit www.emanga.com .


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