CONTEST #3: Starfighter Fanart Contest

This week's contest is a fanart contest based on the Starfighter webcomic. What's up for grabs? How about a signed copy of Chapter 1 of the Starfighter comic? That's right! The winner of this contest will receive their very own print copy of chapter 1 signed by the creator, HamletMachine. Here are the rules:

  1. Fanart needs to be about the Starfighter webcomic and include at least one of the main characters (Cain or Abel)
  2. I will not be judging based on artistic ability but on who captures Starfighter the best. You could draw stick figures but if it's funny and truly represents the characters, you could win. No excuses! Anyone can win!
  3. When submitted, it should be in a JPEG format. Size doesn't matter (unless you're a boy… then it does XD ), as long as the JPEG is small enough to be emailed to me.
  4. This contest is open to all countries.
  5. All submissions need to be emailed to me at info AT theyaoireview DOT com on or before 2/12/10.

This contest is, of course, sponsored by:

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Please post any questions you may have in comments. Thanks and good luck!


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