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YAOI NEWS: Hinako Takanaga Announces End of Tyrant

Hinako Takanaga just announced via twitter her plans on ending The Tyrant Falls in Love. Here are the numerous tweets compiled together as one complete message:

"Because I received so many questions if the series of "Bokun" ends by vol.7, here is my answer below. Actually, I would say this is the final story for this series. The reason for anouncing this so sudden is that even though I was planning to end off the series at first, I always get off the track while making a story and wasn't sure myself if it ends or not. Although, the series ends this time, I still have some additional episodes for "Bokun" that I'm planning to make a one-shot, or some short stories from now on. Therefore, please keep supporting me and also this "Bokun" series as so far. At last, I always appreciate for your messages from foreign countries. Thank you so much. Lots of love, Hinako Takanaga"

So although she stated in her interview with me that it would continue past volume 7, it appears it will not be (KudouUsagi clarified in comments below that based on how Sensei's latest arc is going, it should be going through 8 volumes and then the extra stories after that). 

EDIT: Here is a little more explanation that was posted on her LiveJournal Community. 

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI INTERVIEW: Hinako Takanaga, Part 3 of 3

Part 1 can be found here…

Part 2 can be found here…

Here it is… the last part to the YaoiCon interview I did with Hinako Takanaga. Lots of good stuff so hopefully this makes up for the long wait. ;-)

YAOI INTERVIEW: Hinako Takanaga, Part 2 of 3

As a reminder, this was transcribed with the conversational approach in mind. I edited a little more on this one but it's still written as close to how it was spoken as I could. This was the approach chosen by readers when I polled them on Twitter as it gives a more personal feel. Enjoy!

YAOI INTERVIEW: Hinako Takanaga ~ Part 1 of 3


It's finally here! After many hours slaving over my digital recorder, I've finally finished transcribing the whopping 81 minutes of interview I recorded. If you don't think Sensei loves her fans, think again! She answered nearly every your of my questions [WAY more than I ever thought she would] and her answers were lengthy and thoughtful.
Before we get to the interview, I want to thank a few people that made this possible for me as well as for all of you. Of course, the biggest thanks to Sensei for taking the time out of her busy and I'm sure quite taxing schedule to answer all of these questions.  A big thanks to Digital Manga for even thinking of my site and giving me the opportunity to meet and interview the gracious Hinako Takanaga. Michelle Mauk, who has since moved on in her career, was the one to contact me and give me the opportunity. Thanks Michelle!
After Michelle left, Evan Miller stepped in and without missing a beat got in contact with me and took care of scheduling the interview as well as giving me proper interview etiquette when I asked and providing his services as interpreter for the actual interview. Wow! What an interpreter! Not only does he sound like a native [I couldn't stop staring at him as he was speaking Japanese XD Creepy, I'm sure. ], but he was very thorough with the answers and at no time did I feel like he was just condensing the answers down to make his job easier. If you've ever had to listen to interpreters at YaoiCon panels, you'll appreciate this trait. If there was anyone else at DMP responsible for giving me this opportunity, I and my readers will be forever grateful [Hi Yoko!]. 
Without further adieu, let's get into the interview. Just to give you some insight, I literally transcribed straight from a digital recording of the interview. Keep this in mind when reading as it is very conversational, which means proper sentence structure sometimes goes out the window [guilty as charged]. :-D I also included some personal notes to give you a feel for the interview itself, like when there was laughing or extra discussion about something. I included those parts in brackets like [this]. Lastly, the interview was very lengthy so I have broken it down into three parts to make for easier reading. There's so much good stuff in here, you do not want to miss out! Ok, I'll stop talking now… enjoy!

Ask Hinako Takanaga a Question!

How would you like the opportunity to ask your favorite mangaka a question? Well, if that mangaka is Hinako Takanaga of Tyrant and Little Butterfly fame, now you can! DMP has been gracious enough to give me the opportunity to interview Ms. Takanaga at YaoiCon this Saturday and I thought what better interview than an interview of fan submitted questions? All you have to do is submit your question in the comment section below and I will pick a choice few to ask Sensei during the interview. I'll of course interject here and there with follow up questions to keep it coherent. :-)

Time is limited! I need to organize my questions Friday night so hurry and good luck!

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI NEWS: Hinako Takanaga Guest at YaoiCon!

Gardena, CA (May 19. 2010)- Digital Manga Publishing is excited to announce their special guest for Yaoi-Con 2010, the prolific and fan-favorite yaoi mangaka-Hinako Takanaga! The creator of numerous manga, including Little Butterfly, The Devil's Secret, Challengers, Croquis, Love Round!!, Liberty Liberty, and the soon to be released The Tyrant Falls In Love, Hinako Takanaga has been one of the most popular yaoi mangaka in the US, and will be making her second appearance at Yaoi-Con!
So come up to San Francisco in October, and meet the immensely talented Hinako Takanaga in person, and hear her answer questions about her process and her work! 
Yaoi-Con takes place over the Halloween weekend, October 29-October 31, and at a brand new location in Burlingame, CA! For more information on Yaoi-Con, including location, hotels, and registration, please visit their site at:
THE TYRANT FALLS IN LOVE, VOL. 1, Rated M+ (for ages 18+), MSRP: $12.95, Available: August 18, 2010, B6 Size, June' Imprint

University study Tetsuhiro Morinaga has been in love with his homophobic, violent and tyrannical sempai Souichi Tatsumi for more than four years now. Even though he’s told Tatsumi how he feels and even managed to steal a kiss, expecting anything more seems like nothing more than the stuff of dreams… That is until the long-oppressed Morinaga gets his biggest chance ever. Might his unendingly unrequited love finally be returned?

Who's a big Takanaga fan? Excited? Going? TELL ME!!!
~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI NEWS: Attention “Croquis” Purchasers…

A couple of days ago I received an email from Marco Pavia, Associate Publisher at TokyoPop asking me to alert you all to a misprint that occurred in some of the copies of the recently shipped Croquis and what you should do to get a new copy. Here are the details:

"Due to a perfect storm of technical and human error, some editions of CROQUIS were printed with German text in approximately twelve word balloons. We discovered the problem too late to recall all editions, so some stores will have a book with a German word or two at the end of the English, in about a dozen word balloons."

If you have on of these copies, here is what you need to do to get a corrected copy:

"…mail proof of purchase — cut out the barcode on the back cover from the book — to TOKYOPOP, 5900 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90036 ATTN: CROQUIS, along with [your] mailing address, and [they'll] send a clean copy."

He finishes up with his sincerest of apologies to all those affected. Personally, I think he's just afraid we'll get him with the yaoi paddles at the next YaoiCon. ;-) We forgive you, Marco… THIS time. *polishes paddle*


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