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Here's the original "I'm a Banana!" video that inspired this one. 

~Jennifer LeBlanc

NEW FANSERVICE ANIME: Black Butler Releases Today!

Black Butler Season One Part One released today. The Limited Edition is now selling at Amazon for $38.99 with FREE shipping within the U.S. It has both English and Japanese languages and English subtitles. More details as well as where to purchase it are located here

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI NEWS: Black Butler English Dub Trailer

I'm a bit stunned… I'm not sure how I feel about Sebastian's voice in English. Well, I DO know how I feel about it but I'm trying to hold off on making any rash judgments. I think I need the shock to pass first. 

What do you think? 

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI NEWS (UPDATED): Black Butler S1 Up For Preorder!

Yes, I know Black Butler isn't 'technically' yaoi but those of us familiar with it knows it's FULL of fanservice (need I mention the corset scene?). Not only is volume 3 of the manga now available but season 1 of the anime is up for preorder! The release date is set for January 11, 2011 and currently is listing it for $38.99.

UPDATE: I found out that Black Butler Season 1 is being released in TWO parts so the release on January 11th is only the first part of season 1, found here with Limited Edition found here, and the second part is being released on March 8th, 2011, found here (no part 2 Limited Edition is showing yet) . Personally I'm waiting for another Funimation sale before investing in this two parter, regardless of how much I love it. $89.98 for only one season is a bit steep and that's not for the Limited Edition, although I have no idea what extras that includes.

UPDATE #2: Interesting, looks like until the limited edition sells out, you can't buy the regular edition (at RightStuf). This is what it says on the regular edition:

Note: This regular edition does not contain the rigid box and premium item included with the limited edition, and will not ship until after the limited edition has sold out.

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI NEWS: Funimation Licenses Black Butler Anime


Ok, so 'technically' Black Butler isn't yaoi but come on… we all know it was meant for us. ;-) I'm am so stoked that we're finally getting this in anime form so I don't need to watch it on my computer. ANN announced the details here and also stated that there will be a Black Butler 2 released July 2010 but with a new butler and master. If you're curious, here is the trailer for Black Butler 2:


So what do you think? Something you'd want to see more of or just not the same?

~Jennifer LeBlanc


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