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NEW BL GAME: Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~

I noticed a new boys' love game when I got my most recent copy of BeBoy Gold.  It's produced by Karin Entertainment and was released on 4/22/11. The best translation of the game's name that I've seen is Omerta – Law of Silence as the word omerta in the mafia refers to a code of silence. You can find a thorough explanation of the game's premise in English at Ponytale in LaLaParadise. There are lots of wallpapers available for free on the official site. Here are some screenshots of the game:

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YAOI FUN: BL Flash Game ~ Personal Driver

This is a free boys' love flash game that I thought you'd like to check out. It's not very long but it's explicit. Clearly not safe for work and there is some porn music that plays as well as sexy sound effects so if be aware of who's around you when you check it out. ;) Have fun!


~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI AMV: Togainu no Chi Boys’ Love Game

(This should go without saying but this clearly is spoilerish of the game if you haven't played it.) 

The good news is this is a pretty cool AMV and NSFW. The bad news is there are two commercials that interrupt it (It's on Daily Motion and not YouTube). It's worth dealing with it, I promise! 

~Jennifer LeBlanc

True Blood "Togainu No Chi" (Yaoi) by Linny-San

Boys’ Love Game Review: Absolute Obedience

Publisher: Langmaor Rating: 18+ Uncensored
Release Date – Oct 25 2006
Spoken Language is Japanese w/English Subtitles

System Requirements:
Pentium III 500 mhz or faster PC
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
DVD-ROM drive
1.2 GB hard drive space
[NOTE: I have this loaded on my laptop with Windows 7 and it has worked just fine with no glitches. I cannot guarantee that will be the case for all computers with newer Windows software.]

Quick Synopsis:

“Welcome, one and all, to our little Agency. I'm sure that at one time or another, you've felt frustrated by the actions of a certain troublesome individual, who always seems to make your life more difficult. You know the feeling – through no fault of your own, your every step is hindered by the actions of someone who's been born onto this Earth just to trip you up?

That's where our Agency comes in. With just one word from you, our special volunteer staff will happily lay a complex trap for the individual who causes you so much frustration, and exact sweet revenge on the troublemaker for you, turning their life into exactly the kind of living hell you want. We'll make them surrender totally to our will, force them into perfect obedience while we punish them for the crime of tormenting you. Of course, we use the word "volunteer" loosely. Payment is always required for our services, but don't worry – we'll never ask you for money.”
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YAOI AMV: Absolute Obedience Boys’ Love Game

This game is currently on sale at RightStuf for only $17.99 (I paid double when I bought it)! It's one of the few boys' love games we have available in English (Spoken Japanese, Written English). I will be posting a review of the game shortly.

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI FUN: Foursome! NSFW Puzzle

This time you need to work for it! Just make sure no one is looking over your shoulder. ;-) Place your mouse over the puzzle loading icon to load puzzle! 

provided by



~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI NEWS: Togainu no Chi Anime Airs October!

ANN reported yesterday that there is now a second promo for the new Togainu no Chi boys' love game anime as well as a commercial (links provided in their original post). They also reported that the anime itself will begin airing in October! Here is a post I did previously that has a really hot AMV about the boys' love game if you want to take a look.

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI AMV: Messiah Paranoia Paradox

Because I've been a touch absent this month due to a brand new job and trying to get used to a new schedule (two jobs now!), here's a little present for you (not dirty but very pretty nonetheless):


The first link I provided would have gotten you here if you noticed where to click to the right but I didn't at first so hopefully this helps.  I LOVE the site! They have numerous voice clips of all the characters and WOW are they hot.  You can check it out here.



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