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INTERVIEW: Anime Castle

Anime and manga retailer Anime Castle was interviewed over at WNYC and since some of you buy your yaoi from them, I thought it would be fun to post so you can see where you were buying from. It's a good interview and the owner also seems quite open about yaoi itself. In the interview he mentions yaoi as a niche:

"So fans of comic books sort of gravitate toward other, diverse story lines, and the easiest thing to gravitate to is manga because they have shojo ready for you. They have sennen, which is older men type of comics. There's even a niche within manga known as yaoi, which is about boy-boy romances. It's something you wouldn't get really in American comic books, really per se, that being the focal point. You might have one or two lesbian or homosexual characters but you wouldn't have the entire story line devoted to them, just exploring their emotions and the trials and tribulations and the slapstick comedy that comes with it. That's what appeals to them; it's the diversity of story lines."

You can see the interview in its entirety here

Do you buy from Anime Castle? Share your experiences/insider knowledge here.

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI INTERVIEW: Hinako Takanaga, Part 3 of 3

Part 1 can be found here…

Part 2 can be found here…

Here it is… the last part to the YaoiCon interview I did with Hinako Takanaga. Lots of good stuff so hopefully this makes up for the long wait. ;-)

YAOI INTERVIEW: Hinako Takanaga, Part 2 of 3

As a reminder, this was transcribed with the conversational approach in mind. I edited a little more on this one but it's still written as close to how it was spoken as I could. This was the approach chosen by readers when I polled them on Twitter as it gives a more personal feel. Enjoy!

YAOI INTERVIEW: Hinako Takanaga ~ Part 1 of 3


It's finally here! After many hours slaving over my digital recorder, I've finally finished transcribing the whopping 81 minutes of interview I recorded. If you don't think Sensei loves her fans, think again! She answered nearly every your of my questions [WAY more than I ever thought she would] and her answers were lengthy and thoughtful.
Before we get to the interview, I want to thank a few people that made this possible for me as well as for all of you. Of course, the biggest thanks to Sensei for taking the time out of her busy and I'm sure quite taxing schedule to answer all of these questions.  A big thanks to Digital Manga for even thinking of my site and giving me the opportunity to meet and interview the gracious Hinako Takanaga. Michelle Mauk, who has since moved on in her career, was the one to contact me and give me the opportunity. Thanks Michelle!
After Michelle left, Evan Miller stepped in and without missing a beat got in contact with me and took care of scheduling the interview as well as giving me proper interview etiquette when I asked and providing his services as interpreter for the actual interview. Wow! What an interpreter! Not only does he sound like a native [I couldn't stop staring at him as he was speaking Japanese XD Creepy, I'm sure. ], but he was very thorough with the answers and at no time did I feel like he was just condensing the answers down to make his job easier. If you've ever had to listen to interpreters at YaoiCon panels, you'll appreciate this trait. If there was anyone else at DMP responsible for giving me this opportunity, I and my readers will be forever grateful [Hi Yoko!]. 
Without further adieu, let's get into the interview. Just to give you some insight, I literally transcribed straight from a digital recording of the interview. Keep this in mind when reading as it is very conversational, which means proper sentence structure sometimes goes out the window [guilty as charged]. :-D I also included some personal notes to give you a feel for the interview itself, like when there was laughing or extra discussion about something. I included those parts in brackets like [this]. Lastly, the interview was very lengthy so I have broken it down into three parts to make for easier reading. There's so much good stuff in here, you do not want to miss out! Ok, I'll stop talking now… enjoy!


A few weeks ago I reviewed the global boys' love title, Loud Snow by Tina Anderson, and since then I've had the pleasure of interviewing her. I've known Tina for awhile and we have similar senses of humor so hopefully you will have as much fun with this interview as we did. :-)
Tina, you’re fabulous. How do you do it?
I learned by watching you dad, I learned by watching YOU!
[Awesome 80’s reference there, don’t worry if you don’t get it. XD  ~Jennifer LeBlanc]
I’ve been doing so many things since stepping away from the business of BL, one of those things was getting healthier. I recently did San Japan in July and I took note of the reactions I got from people I haven’t seen in years.  The truth was, I put on so much weight – it was as if I was a different person.  =_=;  My weight was 220 lbs, which at 6’2” is fine, but at 5’3” is incredibly unhealthy.  I joined a gym in August and have hit the elliptical machine every day for 15-20 minutes, and weight train twice a week.  My last weigh-in was at the start of October and I was down to 204 lbs.  So I’m heading [in] the right direction—slowly, because I don’t diet.  ^_^”  Sorry, I’m too Polish to cut out potatoes and noodles!

I’ve also thrown myself into renovating my home (those that follow my Flickr account already know this) and I finally found a foolproof way to straighten my hair!  I suffered with Jew-fro for years until I discovered Sedu Pro flat iron.  ^_- 

Though I’m going through some serious ass writer’s block at this time as I’m gearing up for releases in 2011.  Most notable is the print edition of Games with Me, and Roulette – as well as an original Polish graphic novel being redrawn for American release.  The art for Games and Roulette finishes soon and so I need to oversee toning on those so I can get them to digital outlets, and prepare them for print.  So 2011 will be a release year for me – and hopefully by 2012 I can have something new started.

Ask Hinako Takanaga a Question!

How would you like the opportunity to ask your favorite mangaka a question? Well, if that mangaka is Hinako Takanaga of Tyrant and Little Butterfly fame, now you can! DMP has been gracious enough to give me the opportunity to interview Ms. Takanaga at YaoiCon this Saturday and I thought what better interview than an interview of fan submitted questions? All you have to do is submit your question in the comment section below and I will pick a choice few to ask Sensei during the interview. I'll of course interject here and there with follow up questions to keep it coherent. :-)

Time is limited! I need to organize my questions Friday night so hurry and good luck!

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI INTERVIEW: Publisher Yaoi Prose

As a follow-up to my review of Incubus Master and to continue Global Boys' Love Month (which is now Global Boys' Love Summer!) I decided to interview the publisher of Incubus Master, Yaoi Prose. The mastermind behind Yaoi Prose, Yamila Abraham, was gracious enough to answer my questions:

What is Yaoi Prose?
Yaoi Prose publishes illustrated erotic eBooks in the male/male romance genre.  We started off with two serialized titles, Incubus Master and Saihoshi: REDEMPTION.  I’m writing Incubus Master and having it illustrated by Italian artist Barbara Apostolico, who produced art as one half of studio Le Peruggine in the past.  It stars Figaru, a prominent character from my Winter Demon graphic novel series.  Saihoshi: REDEMPTION is by the popular studio KOSEN of Spain.  Other eBooks have featured erotic spanking, and have followed up fan-favorite stories in Yaoi Press books.

YAOI INTERVIEW: HamletMachine of Starfighter

As a continuation of Global Boys' Love Month, I recently interviewed HamletMachine from the webcomic and recently self-published  Starfighter (which I just reviewed). Enjoy!

Since I’m currently featuring “GloBL” artists, can you share with us what country you’re from?
-Sure! I'm from the United States. Born and raised in NYC. 
Why HamletMachine?

-Years and years ago, a friend of mine told me about a theater production she had seen of Die Hamletmaschine, by Heiner Müller and I think my brain nearly exploded from the pleasure of hearing those words together. I'm a big fan of Shakespeare and robots, so I kept the handle, as it embodies so much of what I love!  
Your current project is Starfighter. Are you both the writer and the artist for it?


YAOI NEWS: DMP Interview About Viewfinder

Since the news broke about the licensing of Viewfinder, many fans have been questioning why June would be handling the title instead of 801 Media. Deb Aoki over at About.Com: Manga shot off some questions to Michelle Mauk at Digital Manga Publishing addressing that very question. As far as the bigger concern of censorship, although not specifically addressed with a question, she does touch on it a bit by saying "So this title is special, and we are treating it as something special. We're shooting for the stars here, so we have to make it count!". I'm thinking by saying it will be treated 'special' (hell, it has its own website already!) that this is their way of saying it won't be treated like their typical June titles and therefore won't be censored all to hell. 

What do you think? Worried? Not worried? Don't care?

~Jennifer LeBlanc


Makoto Tateno

You can find the complete interview posted here.









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