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YAOI NEWS: KINDLE Bans Some Yaoi Titles

It appears the Amazon KINDLE has changed its Terms and Conditions to ban explicit images from being published on the KINDLE (See EDIT below for exact terminology). This issue started last month when Yaoi Press had a few of their titles, both manga and prose, pulled from the KINDLE with no explanation other than they were in direct violation of their Terms and Conditions. Yaoi Press's founder Yamila Abraham has stated they will now have to change their explicit images on their prose titles to more 'romantic' images that will be acceptable to KINDLE. 

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YAOI NEWS: New BL Mag BLink Now Avail at Akadot

Last month Japanese publisher Shueisha launched a new boys' love magazine called BLink, and it is now available for purchase on Akadot.  Although it says "Special Order Only", which means Akadot can order it and get it in about 2 to 3 weeks, I confirmed with them that they already have this issue and the next issue on order so the wait time would be around 10 days. 

Here's a little background on the inaugural launch as originally reported by ANN via Comic Natalie.

The manga artist lineup of the first issue includes Isaku Natsume, Hazuki Futaba, Levin Aoi, Jun Kusunoki, Ahiru Haruno, Haiji Sakura, Toko Akiba, Saeko Kamon, Aoi Hashimoto, Enzo, Wren Tamaquis, Kumiko Misasagi, Natsu Kawamura, Sachi Murakami, Nanaroku Takaoka, Siam Kuju, Deathco Cotorino, Dokuro Jaryu, and Shihan Ichinomiya. Hinako Takanaga (The Tyrant Falls in Love) illustrated the cover. Also in the inaugural issue, Mayu Shinjo (Kaikan Phrase) and Yu Minazuki launched serialized columns, and voice actors Takashi Kondo and Yoshihisa Kawahara recorded an "Ichaicha CD" (Flirting CD). Kaname Itsuki, Kazuhiko Mishima, Rihito Takarai, and Miu Otsuki drew pinup posters.

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI NEWS: Digital Manga Guild Acquires 487 titles


Gardena, CA (March 21, 2011) -  Digital Manga is excited to announce the first acquisition of 487 titles from Japanese publishers for the Digital Manga Guild (DMG). That number is expected to grow exponentially, as publishers have shown an increased interest within the past few weeks to be a part of DMG. 

While the names of the publishers must still be kept under wraps, the growing amount of titles has astounded everyone at Digital Manga Publishing (DMP). In addition, the genres have varied between yaoi, shojo, josei, and seinen, with more to come. DMG has been President Sasahara's personal project over the past years, as he sought a new way to produce more titles quickly for manga fans. The Guild finally came to fruition in October of last year under the DMP umbrella, and has steadily grown with over 1,100 members joining to take part in this manga community initiative.  With their help, DMG promises to be a guaranteed success.

The titles keep rolling in from Japan, further establishing the Digital Manga Guild as a serious business changing the way manga will be localized.


JOIN THE CAUSE: Anime and Manga Bloggers for Japan

Twitter is a wonderful thing and its because of Twitter that I learned about Anime and Manga Bloggers for Japan from fellow blogger Christie Gordon. Anime and Manga Bloggers for Japan is currently supporting two charities, Doctors without Borders and Shelter Box. If you're a blogger like me, you can show your support by joining the cause, making a donation and of course, blogging to spread the word. Not a blogger? Of course you can still help by visiting their site and supporting either or both causes with a donation. Thank you for listening and I hope you can help. 

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI NEWS: Join the Digital Revolution!


Digital Manga presents


Digital Manga Guild - Love Manga? Want more of it? Want to make money?  Join the Guild.
Thousands of titles, ready to be localized and sold.
If you can letter, translate, or edit, you can share the revenue.
Gain industry experience, get your name on manga titles.
Over 100 have already signed up. Will you?
Join the Guild

Click here to take the test Take our localizing tests

Login to your account and take the test for the position you applied for.

You'll be given a small selection of text or unpublished manga to translate, edit, or letter, to be returned to us within three days.

Show us what you can do!

Take the test!

A video message from president
Hikaru Sasahara

"Digital Manga Guild may be the most avant-garde, unconventional, and revolutionary project we've ever done."

Click here to watch the video


Digital Manga, Inc.
1487 W. 178th St., Suite 300
Gardena, CA 90248
Phone: 310.817.8010
Fax: 310-817-8018

YAOI NEWS: Handley’s Attorney Addresses Yaoi

Imagine my surprise when I checked my email today only to see an email directly from Christopher Handley's attorney. I HIGHLY suggest you read this (yes, I know it's long) but he DOES address yaoi and I'm not sure you'll like what he has to say about its legality. Here is the press release as it was sent to me:

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YAOI NEWS: Is Aurora Quietly Shutting Down?

Back on January 14th I shot off an email to Elisa Tung over at Aurora Publishing inquiring about their holiday sale and to see if they had planned on continuing the sale (they are). I received no response back until January 27th, which was from a different party at Aurora, a Mikako Ogata who from what my research tells me is Aurora's General Manager. She informed me Elisa was no longer with Aurora but gave no reason why. Something about the email made me think it was initially coming from their Japan office so I started to wonder about their US office. I decided to do some investigating and tried to call their phone and fax number as listed on their website only to find out both have been disconnected. I then shot off an email back to Mikako and she informed me that the office was not closed but that they "can’t really publish new titles for a while due to the very severe economy". She went on to say if they do publish a new title they "will announce it on [their] websites as well as [their] newletter". Now if you remember correctly, their December newsletter stating the following:

Sorry Guys! Nothing yet! But there will be something soon! Shhh! It's gonna be "Kinky But Kind!" >.> Don't tell anyone I told you…

Their recently sent January newsletter had no updates, which leads me to believe we won't be seeing Kinky But Kind any time soon. Continue reading »

YAOI NEWS: Christopher Handley Finally Sentenced

Never thought I was going to see the day and it happened rather quietly I think. Christopher Handley was the man in Iowa charged with having obscene materials, which were actually manga. He was sentenced to six months in prison, followed by three years of supervised released and five years of probation to run concurrently. Here's the part that just chaps my ass (ranting to commence in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…):

During Handley's supervised release and probation, Handley must also "participate in a treatment program, to include psychological testing and a polygraph examination, as directed by the U. S. Probation Officer." According to earlier court documents, this last provision is "intended to provide [Handley] with diagnosis and treatment for sexually and/or gender identity or other mental health issues."

Excuse me? You're going to treat "sexual and/or gender identity" with psychological testing and a fucking polygraph examination? Really? Oh yeah, this is the U.S…. what was I thinking. We're not that progressive although we like to think we are.

The seven books/mags/comics were finally listed and it was confirmed there was not any yaoi in that specific batch but that doesn't mean boy characters don't get the same treatment. Don't fool yourselves.  Another interesting note in ANN's article was where he bought his stuff from. Some of it was from JList, the same place I buy my BeBoy Gold from and the same place I know a LOT of people buy yaoi and hentai from. (CORRECTION: He bought "similar" materials from JList, not the specified seven)

If you haven't read the article yet, I suggest you do. It provides a lot of information we were not given before including background information on the defendant himself.

Did you read it? What do you think? Big deal? No big deal? Worried? Could care less? Please share your thoughts in comments.

EDIT: Some new information regarding the trial was added in comments. Please read the comments for clarification on the gender identity issue.

EDIT #2: Made a correction as noted above.

EDIT #3: The comments section is having some issues with the layout in Firefox. There are comments that don't appear to show but it's due to the black background showing through with the black text. Just highlight the comment and you'll see it. I'm going to work on getting this fixed.


YAOI NEWS: Attention “Croquis” Purchasers…

A couple of days ago I received an email from Marco Pavia, Associate Publisher at TokyoPop asking me to alert you all to a misprint that occurred in some of the copies of the recently shipped Croquis and what you should do to get a new copy. Here are the details:

"Due to a perfect storm of technical and human error, some editions of CROQUIS were printed with German text in approximately twelve word balloons. We discovered the problem too late to recall all editions, so some stores will have a book with a German word or two at the end of the English, in about a dozen word balloons."

If you have on of these copies, here is what you need to do to get a corrected copy:

"…mail proof of purchase — cut out the barcode on the back cover from the book — to TOKYOPOP, 5900 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90036 ATTN: CROQUIS, along with [your] mailing address, and [they'll] send a clean copy."

He finishes up with his sincerest of apologies to all those affected. Personally, I think he's just afraid we'll get him with the yaoi paddles at the next YaoiCon. ;-) We forgive you, Marco… THIS time. *polishes paddle*

YAOI NEWS: YaoiCon, Junjo, New Yaoi Anime & More!

So much news, so little time…


Let's start with some YaoiCon news, shall we? DMP teased us with this little snippet regarding their YaoiCon guest:

Oooooo-we already have our guest for Yaoi Con! Whoooo! But can't say yet. HA!

Any guesses? If not, who do you WISH it was? Of course, it would have to be a mangaka they have or will be publishing. Continue reading »



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