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YAOI PRETTY: Dr. Who Kissing a Boy? (VIDEO)

This is an excerpt from the upcoming 6/28/11 DVD release of Christopher and His Kind starring Dr. Who star Matt Smith. Here's a synopsis of the movie:

YAOI NEWS: New Est Em Title & Pics of Equus

In April Est Em had posted about her recent release Equus with this gorgeous cover. It sounded like it wasn't releasing until August but I think the translation was just bad as it appears it has since been released. I've been perusing the internet and was able to scrounge up some additional pictures of this lovely title if you're curious about how two centaurs would, uh… make love. 

The following pictures are from the same person although I do not know her name. She runs a WordPress site called I Am Fujoshi and also has a Tumblr of the same name. Enjoy!

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RELEASE DATES: 2011/12 Release List

The 2011 Release List documenting all yaoi manga and novels being released this year has been updated and can be found here or in its usual spot in the top bar titled "Release List". I have removed all unreleased titles by TOKYOPOP and BLUMANGA as they have now been removed from retailers or made unavailable. 

The only change was Dog X Cat V2 now has a release date of 6/1/11. 

The following titles have been added: Kizuna V4 Deluxe Edition; Rabbit Man, Tiger Man V2; Yakuza Café; Bad Teacher's Equation V3; Border V3; Bad Teacher's Equation V4 & Bad Teacher's Equation V5.

The following licenses were added to the end of the list as they do not currently show a release date: Great Place High School Student Council V4; Koi ni Tsuite; Yellow 2 Episode 3; Mr. Convenience; Only Serious About You V2; The Tyrant Falls in Love V5 & V6.

~Jennifer LeBlanc


Considering the recent events with KINDLE's censorship of our yaoi titles, you may wonder why I'd even post about these new releases. I'm posting for two reasons. One is that it is not Libre's fault that their exclusive titles got pulled and I still want to support their efforts at bringing new titles to us straight from Japan. My hopes are that they will expand their selections to other digital outlets. Second is that many of you have already purchased these ongoing titles and I know you would like to know if new parts are available. I will not do what Amazon and KINDLE have done by choosing for you what you can and cannot read. That being said, if you are interested in buying one of these you should probably do it right away before it is removed by KINDLE. 
~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI NEWS: Loveless Cast Finally Revealed

I've been patiently awaiting my copy of the Loveless Vocal Collection but alas, it has not come. Luckily for others, they apparently have theirs and we now know the voice actors used for the English dub. I will direct you over to Chris Beveridge at The Fandom Post for the complete list. In the mean time, I will continue to sit here waiting patiently for my copy. ~_~

~Jennifer LeBlanc


I've been in contact with Aarin from AarinFantasy as to whether or not she is aware if the Sex Pistols OVA 2 has been delayed. She confirmed today that two of her forumers have had their DVD's shipped and that hers through Amazon Japan was delayed until May 17th for shipping. She thinks it was the recent incidents in Japan as well as some holidays that probably caused the delay from April 27th. Hey, it's only May 1st so I think we're pretty good! 

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI ANIME: Viewfinder Animix Screenshots

There have been a lot of questions recently about when the Viewfinder animix is to be released. As of right now Sensei is not spilling the beans (I've asked twice!), but she has been very good about posting pictures of the animix in process. Since she is very much involved in how the animix will look I'm guessing it is still in the process of being made based on the screenshots (which I've posted below). As you'll see, they are very high quality, which is to be expected of any project Sensei is involved in. Even though it's not an anime, I think we will all still be very happy.

Speaking of, there was a lot of confusion at YaoiCon when the translator accidentally said 'anime' instead of 'animix' during Sensei's panel. If you've never seen an animix before, here is a clip of the Yebisu Celebrities animix so you can get an idea of what to expect: 

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YAOI NEWS: 3 New Licenses for Digital Manga

Digital Manga Publishing announced today that it has acquired three new licenses for your reading pleasure.

Japanese title: Koi ni Tsuite
Author: Tomo Ootake / Narise Konohara
Publisher: Souryusha 

Title: Yellow 2 Episode 3
Author: Makoto Tateno
Publisher: Enterbrain

Title: Great Place High School – Student Council Vol.4
Author: Naduki Koujima
Publisher: Houbunsha
~Jennifer LeBlanc

RELEASE DATES: 2011/12 Release List

The 2011 Release List documenting all yaoi manga and novels being released this year has been updated and can be found here or in its usual spot in the top bar titled "Release List". I have highlighted all titles by TOKYOPOP and BLUMANGA so you can be aware of what may not be releasing due to their upcoming closure May 31st. 

Additions made include Great Place High School Student Council V3, Mr. Tiger & Mr. Wolf, Only Serious About You, A Fallen Saint's Kiss and Black Butler V8

Another discovery I made while updating the list is the lack of NETCOMICS releases. In 2009, they released 15 books. In 2010 they only released 2 books and so far this year they have only had 1 release. The last time they released any boys' love was in 2009. However, they are still updating their digital content so perhaps they are riding out the financial storm by sticking to digital releases for right now. I hope they aren't the next one to fall. 

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI INTEREST: Equus Cover by Est Em

Est Em posted on twitter a link to her cover of Equus, which was posted on Comic Natalie. If the translation of her tweet is correct, it appears Equus is to be released August 25th but other translations say something different so take it for what it is. Either way, it's a gorgeous cover and I'd love to see what's inside. 

I'm a big fan of Est Em and loved the few titles we've had released here in the states, Seduce me After the ShowRed Blinds the Foolish and Age Called Blue (neither of which I have reviewed but are equally as awesome). Hopefully we can get our hands on Equus here in English someday. 

~Jennifer LeBlanc



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