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YAOI REVIEW: Open the Door to Your Heart

Open the Door to Your Heart ~ Yugi Yamada
(aka Into Your Heart Through The Door)
Juné Manga ~  200 Pages
Japanese Pub Date ~ '03 / English Pub Date ~ 12/10
Book Size ~ 5 1/8 x 7 3/16
Quick Synopsis:
“Shoichi, the oldest Honda brother, is a stiff and serious young man who works as a tax collector. His life isn’t exactly full of surprises… and he definitely never expected his long-gone sibling—the globetrotting, sexy Shunji—to show up at his doorstep! Will Shoichi ever erase the memory of the secret, scandalous night that he and Shunji spent in one another’s arms 10 years ago? Or maybe the most important question is… does he even want to?
Open the Door to Your Heart proves that some attractions, no matter how shocking, are just too strong to ignore! Shunji left his family’s home to travel the world after a single passionate encounter with his older brother left both young men too confused to carry on. Now, a decade later, he’s returned to the scene of the tryst… but will be find things as he left them?”

NEW ANIME: Supernatural: The Anime Series Trailer Released

You may wonder why I'm posting about an anime that has nothing to do with yaoi. Well, Supernatural the tv show is hugely popular here in the states and Japan with yaoi and m/m erotica fans due to its not so subtle bromance between brothers Dean and Sam. The two brothers have been fodder for MUCH shipping and fanfic. Now the English dub of the anime is being released and Jared Padalecki himself will reprise his role as Sam Winchester and voice all 22 episodes. Jensen Ackles will only voice Dean for the final two episodes. I'm not sure how that works but I guess we'll find out. Anyway, I must say the trailer looks absolutely AWESOME and I'm not even a watcher of Supernatural myself. I will definitely be watching this one and we can only hope they stay true to Supernatural and keep some of the bromance in! These anime characters are HOT!

M/M EROTICA REVIEW: Katana Duet ~ Silapa Jarun

Wow… where to start with this one.  First off let me start by saying that I was asked to review this novel by the author and given a free copy of the eBook (it is also available as a hard copy book as well).  I jumped right into the 117 page story (it is a novella so shorter than a full novel but longer than a short story) and finished it off in one day.  The eBook copy I had was full 8.5” x 11” size and, like Sleight of Hand, contained no illustrations other than the cover.


The story itself is best described as a psychological thriller with some twincest thrown in for good measure.  The author, Silapa Jarun, has clearly done her homework when it comes to this historical novel.  The main characters are the two twin samurai, Aki and Akeno, and a brother and sister duo who take them into their home upon their arriving separately in the U.S. (ironically enough, they come to Wisconsin upon their arrival, my home state and current resident).  The story deals with a few different intertwining issues: Aki and Akeno dealing with their feelings for one another as well as the push and pull of what it means to be a twin; the ongoing research into trying to find a cure for the plague that haunts the residents of the area as well as the sister, Klara; and the secrets Klara and her brother Konrad keep hidden from all around them.

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