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NEW YAOI ANIME: Loveless Dub Releasing 3/29/11

I promised once I saw this up for preorder I would let you know. I've been waiting on posting to confirm the date and some other details with Media Blasters in case online retailers are incorrect, but they have not confirmed at this time. Amazon and Rightstuf both have this listed for a 3/29/11 release date so at this point that's the best date we can go by. Prices between the two retailers are similar with shipping. If you have a bigger order with either retailer you can get free shipping on the DVD. I have mine preordered so once I see it ship, I'll let you know and also post the details.

~Jennifer LeBlanc

NEW FANSERVICE ANIME: Black Butler Releases Today!

Black Butler Season One Part One released today. The Limited Edition is now selling at Amazon for $38.99 with FREE shipping within the U.S. It has both English and Japanese languages and English subtitles. More details as well as where to purchase it are located here

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI ANIME NEWS: Loveless Dub to be Released

Media Blasters announced on their Facebook page that they will be releasing the Loveless Vocal Collection in early 2011.  When asked to confirm what a 'vocal collection' was, they responded:

When originally released this was sub only. The vocal collections are Sub/Dubbed.

What a gorgeous cover! As soon as I see it up for preorder, I'll let you know. 

~Jennifer LeBlanc

SOURCE: Anime News Network

YAOI NEWS: Black Butler English Dub Trailer

I'm a bit stunned… I'm not sure how I feel about Sebastian's voice in English. Well, I DO know how I feel about it but I'm trying to hold off on making any rash judgments. I think I need the shock to pass first. 

What do you think? 

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI NEWS: Sex Pistols OVA 2 Delayed… Again

Sorry kids… looks like Sex Pistols OVA 2 has been delayed again. As you can see above on the main site, it now shows 4/27/11 and they also posted the below stating the same (yes, it's a terrible translation but you can see where they changed the date from December of 2010 to April of 2011):

Sex Pistols is also known here as Love Pistols and the manga is published by BLU, an imprint of TOKYOPOP. You can find information about the Sex Pistols OVA's at this website.

UPDATE: The DVD has shipped!

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI REVIEW: Loud Snow ~ Tina Anderson

Loud Snow
Tina Anderson (writer) & Amelie Belcher (artist)
Self-Published Print & Digital ~ 140 Pages
Quick Synopsis:
“Romantic ice-age hilarity ensues as young whaler Anituk's miserable life with doting parents and an oversexed wife-hunting brother is rudely interrupted by the arrival of Abalu, a tall handsome stranger who delights in encroaching upon Anituk's angst.”
Wow… what an original plot! Loud Snow takes place on the Eastern coast of North America in 17,000 B.C., better know as the Ice Age. The story focuses on one family in general with a mother, father and two brothers, Anituk and his older brother Nifu. The family lives farther north than other tribes and women are scarce. Nifu has now reached the age where he must look for a wife and our young Anituk doesn’t understand why he wants to replace their mother. It becomes pretty clear our little Anituk isn’t really into chicks.
Along comes stranger Abalu who’s tall with flowing long hair and an adorable smile. It’s not long before he takes a liking to Anituk and this is where ‘hilarity ensues’. I can’t tell you how many times I laughed out loud while reading this, especially when Abalu introduces himself to Anituk’s nether regions or when he keeps drop kicking the penguins. Tina’s sense of humor is nicely paired with Amelie’s facial expressions and the two together make for a funny read. Another thing I liked about this plot is the twist at the end. It’s not something you see coming and the initial reaction is WTF?!?!, but just hold your horses and don’t go off the deep end like I nearly did. That’s all I’ll say.

RUMOR MILL: Crimson Spell Volume 3?

As you may or may not know, I'm an avid tweeter (on Twitter) so I was surprised and thrilled to see Media Blasters AKA Kitty Media starting a Twitter account. Anyway, it wasn't long before someone asked them about Crimson Spell V3's potential release (thank you @Shelly_LR from the Yamane Ayano LiveJournal Community for asking!) Here was their initial response:

@Shelly_LR Our manga publishing is on hold for the moment.

Well, I'm not sure what happened but this was their response later in the day:

@TheYaoiReview @Shelly_LR @yamaneayano Re: Crimson Spell 3 -

we're hoping to have it in 2011. We're hoping to reprint Crimson Spell 2 soon.

Perhaps it was because Ayano Yamane was included in a retweet? Who knows! All I know is that we now have some hope for getting more of this fabulous series!

So, what do you think? Excited to see there's hope? Excited to hear anything related to Kitty Media? Make your voices heard!

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI NEWS: Togainu no Chi Anime Airs October!

ANN reported yesterday that there is now a second promo for the new Togainu no Chi boys' love game anime as well as a commercial (links provided in their original post). They also reported that the anime itself will begin airing in October! Here is a post I did previously that has a really hot AMV about the boys' love game if you want to take a look.

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI NOVEL REVIEW: Incubus Master, Parts 1 ~ 8

Incubus Master ~ Yamila Abraham
Yaoi Prose ~ 8 Part eBook
Quick Synopsis:
“Jinady was forced to be a sex slave to a tribe of winged incubi for a year when he’s rescued by the regal demon Figaru. Figaru brings Jinady to a settlement of mortals. Jinady learns that Figaru is the king of this settlement, and that he’s been looking for a mate. Figaru’s adoring subjects start to match-make the two. Jinady finds himself falling for the noble demon king. He senses his feelings are being reciprocated. Then Jinady discovers Figaru’s former love interest Rowan is locked in a dark cabin with a magical ‘blood chain’ connecting his throat to a wall. Several demon allies are rallying to help Rowan, including Scor, the demon Figaru almost beat to death. Jinady seeks the truth about what happened between Rowan and Figaru, while trying to resist the strong seductive lure of the demon king.”  ~From the Yaoi Prose website
What can I say? I love this plot. It’s always a good sign when you find yourself eagerly awaiting the next release. At no point in time did I find myself predicting where the story was going or thinking I already knew the ending. There are a lot of original elements to the story and I found it to be very engaging throughout. The synopsis provided for the story doesn’t do the story justice in my opinion. I think Yamila does a good job of ‘going there’ when tough situations arise in the story; not every element is sunshine and unicorns but that’s what makes the story a little deeper than most we get.

YAOI INTERVIEW: HamletMachine of Starfighter

As a continuation of Global Boys' Love Month, I recently interviewed HamletMachine from the webcomic and recently self-published  Starfighter (which I just reviewed). Enjoy!

Since I’m currently featuring “GloBL” artists, can you share with us what country you’re from?
-Sure! I'm from the United States. Born and raised in NYC. 
Why HamletMachine?

-Years and years ago, a friend of mine told me about a theater production she had seen of Die Hamletmaschine, by Heiner Müller and I think my brain nearly exploded from the pleasure of hearing those words together. I'm a big fan of Shakespeare and robots, so I kept the handle, as it embodies so much of what I love!  
Your current project is Starfighter. Are you both the writer and the artist for it?



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