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NEW RELEASE: Est Em’s Equus Available at Yaoi Club!

Est Em's gorgeous new boys' love title Equus is now available for purchase at Yaoi Club! Since so many people wanted to get a hold of this beauty I asked DMP if they could get some copies for us to purchase and they graciously did. Thank you, DMP! If you are not familiar with this title, I posted a bunch of pictures of the cover and inside contents here (the cover is gorgeous with shiny gold detailing). There aren't many copies so act fast before they sell out. I can't promise they will get more in.

UPDATE: I wasn't kidding! The copies that came in were purchased as I was typing this but I did confirm with Yaoi Club that you can still special order a copy, which takes 2 to 3 weeks to come in. 

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI NEWS: New Est Em Title & Pics of Equus

In April Est Em had posted about her recent release Equus with this gorgeous cover. It sounded like it wasn't releasing until August but I think the translation was just bad as it appears it has since been released. I've been perusing the internet and was able to scrounge up some additional pictures of this lovely title if you're curious about how two centaurs would, uh… make love. 

The following pictures are from the same person although I do not know her name. She runs a WordPress site called I Am Fujoshi and also has a Tumblr of the same name. Enjoy!

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YAOI NEWS: Loveless Cast Finally Revealed

I've been patiently awaiting my copy of the Loveless Vocal Collection but alas, it has not come. Luckily for others, they apparently have theirs and we now know the voice actors used for the English dub. I will direct you over to Chris Beveridge at The Fandom Post for the complete list. In the mean time, I will continue to sit here waiting patiently for my copy. ~_~

~Jennifer LeBlanc


I've been in contact with Aarin from AarinFantasy as to whether or not she is aware if the Sex Pistols OVA 2 has been delayed. She confirmed today that two of her forumers have had their DVD's shipped and that hers through Amazon Japan was delayed until May 17th for shipping. She thinks it was the recent incidents in Japan as well as some holidays that probably caused the delay from April 27th. Hey, it's only May 1st so I think we're pretty good! 

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI INTEREST: Equus Cover by Est Em

Est Em posted on twitter a link to her cover of Equus, which was posted on Comic Natalie. If the translation of her tweet is correct, it appears Equus is to be released August 25th but other translations say something different so take it for what it is. Either way, it's a gorgeous cover and I'd love to see what's inside. 

I'm a big fan of Est Em and loved the few titles we've had released here in the states, Seduce me After the ShowRed Blinds the Foolish and Age Called Blue (neither of which I have reviewed but are equally as awesome). Hopefully we can get our hands on Equus here in English someday. 

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI NEWS: Sex Pistols OVA 2 Updates!

Good news! There have been two updates on the Sex Pistols site including the photo to the left which I believe is the final cover for the OVA 2. It also appears they have confirmed the dubbing is now complete. 
There are also links to two sets of "cut" scenes.  I don't know if that means they were literally cut out of the OVA or if 'cut' means something totally different. You can find the first set of cut scenes here and the second set here
They're also now giving details for the normal edition as well as the limited edition and the date is still listed for April 27th of this year. The limited edition appears to be chock full of goodies! I'd list all of them here but I don't trust Google translate to be accurate enough for that. 
~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI NEWS: Sex Pistols OVA 2 Still On Target?

Sex Pistols OVA 2 has already been delayed twice and is now set for an April 27th, 2011 release date per the site but how accurate is that? I've been monitoring the site and have not seen any updates since the last delay. However, I did find it listed on Japan's for the April 27th release date so I'm hoping that's a good sign. I'll continue monitoring the site and if I see any changes, I'll let you know. 

UPDATE: The DVD has shipped!

~Jennifer LeBlanc

NEW YAOI ANIME: Loveless Dub Releasing 3/29/11

I promised once I saw this up for preorder I would let you know. I've been waiting on posting to confirm the date and some other details with Media Blasters in case online retailers are incorrect, but they have not confirmed at this time. Amazon and Rightstuf both have this listed for a 3/29/11 release date so at this point that's the best date we can go by. Prices between the two retailers are similar with shipping. If you have a bigger order with either retailer you can get free shipping on the DVD. I have mine preordered so once I see it ship, I'll let you know and also post the details.

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI ANIME NEWS: Loveless Dub to be Released

Media Blasters announced on their Facebook page that they will be releasing the Loveless Vocal Collection in early 2011.  When asked to confirm what a 'vocal collection' was, they responded:

When originally released this was sub only. The vocal collections are Sub/Dubbed.

What a gorgeous cover! As soon as I see it up for preorder, I'll let you know. 

~Jennifer LeBlanc

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