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YAOI ANIME: Junjo Romantica S2 Release Delayed

If you preordered Junjo Romantica Season 2 and noticed it hasn't shipped yet that's because the release date has been pushed back from March 11th to May 3rd. I'm not sure why, I just happened to notice it today when I looked on RightStuf and then cross-checked on Amazon. 
That being said, I did notice RightStuf is selling it for $29.99 and Amazon for $33.99 (equals the same w/RightStuf's shipping cost and Amazon's free shipping) so why not preorder it now while it's at a great price and before you forget! 
~Jennifer LeBlanc



YAOI ANIME NEWS: Junjo, Junjo, Junjo!!!

TONS of Junjo anime news! First off, Junjo Romantica Season 1 is now streaming for fans located in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Nozomi Entertainment, a division of RightStuf has started streaming Junjo on their YouTube Channel. Find the schedule with links to each episode as they are released here
But wait… that's not all folks! Junjo Romantica Season 2 is now up for preorder at RightStuf! Here's some information posted on the site:
Contains all 12 episodes of season 2 and a 24-page booklet featuring character bios, artwork and behind-the-scenes information. Special Features: U.S. Season 2 Trailer, TV Spots, DVD Commercials, Clean Opening and Closing, Previews. Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.
The current release date for season 2 is March 11th of 2011 and is currently listed for $37.49.

~Jennifer LeBlanc


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