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YAOI REVIEW: No One Loves Me ~ Yugi Yamada

No One Loves Me ~ Yugi Yamada
Juné Manga ~  306 Pages
Japanese Pub Date ~ ’07 / English Pub Date ~ 11/10
Book Size ~ 5 1/8 x 7 3/16
Quick Synopsis:
“Katsuhiro keeps to himself and doesn’t show much of an interest in others. In fact, he’s perfectly happy to spend each and every day buried in the stacks of his used bookstore! But when Masafumi – an old face from his college days – shows up with a translation job too good to ignore, will these two total opposites end up reconnecting and finding a common language… of the heart?
No One Loves Me takes a bookworm and a go-getter on a ride through the crazy ups and downs of a high-stakes publishing job… and a once-in-a-lifetime shot at love! Katsuhiro knows that he has to let down his guard if he ever hopes to show the energetic and domineering Masafumi how he truly feels. But can these two “friendly rivals” find a way to write a happy ending to their non-traditional romance?”

YAOI REVIEW: Open the Door to Your Heart

Open the Door to Your Heart ~ Yugi Yamada
(aka Into Your Heart Through The Door)
Juné Manga ~  200 Pages
Japanese Pub Date ~ '03 / English Pub Date ~ 12/10
Book Size ~ 5 1/8 x 7 3/16
Quick Synopsis:
“Shoichi, the oldest Honda brother, is a stiff and serious young man who works as a tax collector. His life isn’t exactly full of surprises… and he definitely never expected his long-gone sibling—the globetrotting, sexy Shunji—to show up at his doorstep! Will Shoichi ever erase the memory of the secret, scandalous night that he and Shunji spent in one another’s arms 10 years ago? Or maybe the most important question is… does he even want to?
Open the Door to Your Heart proves that some attractions, no matter how shocking, are just too strong to ignore! Shunji left his family’s home to travel the world after a single passionate encounter with his older brother left both young men too confused to carry on. Now, a decade later, he’s returned to the scene of the tryst… but will be find things as he left them?”

Word of the Day: Megane

"Male characters who wear glasses are referred to as meganemegane otoko or meganedanshi. The most common stereotype associated with the term, especially in youth-oriented stories, is the ubiquitous "Class Representative" (iincho); a well-doing, charismatic but sometimes bossy student who is respectful of authority. This usually earns them the respect of good students or contempt of slackers." SOURCE

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI AMV: Absolute Obedience Boys’ Love Game

This game is currently on sale at RightStuf for only $17.99 (I paid double when I bought it)! It's one of the few boys' love games we have available in English (Spoken Japanese, Written English). I will be posting a review of the game shortly.

~Jennifer LeBlanc


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