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NEW BL GAME: Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~

I noticed a new boys' love game when I got my most recent copy of BeBoy Gold.  It's produced by Karin Entertainment and was released on 4/22/11. The best translation of the game's name that I've seen is Omerta – Law of Silence as the word omerta in the mafia refers to a code of silence. You can find a thorough explanation of the game's premise in English at Ponytale in LaLaParadise. There are lots of wallpapers available for free on the official site. Here are some screenshots of the game:

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YAOI ANIME: Viewfinder Animix Screenshots

There have been a lot of questions recently about when the Viewfinder animix is to be released. As of right now Sensei is not spilling the beans (I've asked twice!), but she has been very good about posting pictures of the animix in process. Since she is very much involved in how the animix will look I'm guessing it is still in the process of being made based on the screenshots (which I've posted below). As you'll see, they are very high quality, which is to be expected of any project Sensei is involved in. Even though it's not an anime, I think we will all still be very happy.

Speaking of, there was a lot of confusion at YaoiCon when the translator accidentally said 'anime' instead of 'animix' during Sensei's panel. If you've never seen an animix before, here is a clip of the Yebisu Celebrities animix so you can get an idea of what to expect: 

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YAOI NEWS: Viewfinder V3 Hits #4 on NYT Manga Best Seller List!

Wow, I can't believe it yet I can! Ayano Yamane's Finder 3: One Wing in the Viewfinder has hit #4 on the New York Time's best selling manga list for the week ending April 16th! Here's the entire top 10 list:

This Week Manga Weeks on List
1 Rosario + Vampire, Season Two, V4 2
2 Akira, V6 1
3 Blue Exorcist, V1 2
4 Finder, V3 1
5 Naruto, V50 11
6 Skip Beat, V23 2
7 Dengeki Daisy, V4 2
8 Black Butler, V4 12
9 Case Closed, V38 1
10 Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura, V1 2

EDIT: The Arts Beat over at the New York Times specifically mentions Viewfinder out of all of the manga above!

"Over on the manga list, at No. 4, there is “Finder,” Vol. 3, an example of yaoi (boy love) manga, which is about a twisted romance between a photographer and an underworld tough."

HA! Poor Asami is an 'underworld tough'. I love it! Congratulations, Sensei! 

EDIT #2: Sensei had this to say on Twitter when she found out about the #4 spot: "Wao! I am so happy! Thank you very much!"

~Jennifer LeBlanc


YAOI PRETTY: Viewfinder Wallpaper Expires 3/31/11!

For those that didn't catch my post about this on Twitter, just wanted to remind everyone that this exclusive wallpaper for volume 6 of Viewfinder is only available on Ayano Yamane's English site until 3/31/11! There are many sizes so get over there today and download yours! It's gorgeous!

EDIT 3/31/11: The expiration date has been extended to 4/30/11! Thanks, Sensei!

~Jennifer LeBlanc

CONTEST: Winners of the Viewfinder Contest!

There were a decent amount of entries but deciding who deserved to call themselves Viewfinder's BIGGEST fan wasn't easy. Let me start by saying that illegally downloaded materials did not qualify as proving you are the biggest fan. Sorry. Once I weeded those entries out, I chose 4 that I felt deserved a copy even though I did have 5 copies to give away. So without further adieu, here they are!

This entry stood out above all others. Now THIS is dedication!

I'm such a big fan of The Finder series that I immediately purchased all three released volumes from BeBeautiful on the days they became available for purchase from their website.  I then packed the books in a ziplock bag, with the air squeezed out, and placed them in a fireproof safe for safe keeping. ~Jukebox


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YAOI NEWS: The Viewfinder Series Is Licensed!!!


Gardena, CA (3/11/10)- Digital Manga Publishing and Libre Shuppan are proud to announce the licensing of the Finder Series by Ayano Yamane! The Finder series has been one of the most heavily requested series from our readers, and has been considered by fans of the yaoi genre to be the quintessential yaoi title. From one of Japan's top-selling yaoi mangaka, Ayano Yamane, DMP is proud to release the Finder series beginning with volume one in the summer of 2010 under the June' imprint. For more information, news updates, and to keep on top of all things Finder, visit the Finder website at

From our friends at Libre Shuppan:

We are pleased to announce that Kazuma Kodaka’s KIZUNA-?- and Ayano Yamane’s Finder Series, both of which were previously licensed by Central Park Media, are now acquired by Digital Manga Publishing (DMP).  For these series, all volumes will be newly translated and will be published under DMP’s June imprint.  Finder Series is set to be released in Summer of 2010 and Kizuna is scheduled for September of 2010.  

For further inquiries regarding this matter, feel free to contact us at or Digital Manga Inc, at We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading our books and for your continued support.  


 FINDER VOL. 1: TARGET IN THE VIEWFINDER, Rated M+ (for ages 18+), MSRP: $13.95, Available: SUMMER 2010, SIZE: B6,  June' Imprint

While out on assignment trying to document the illegal activities of the Japanese underworld, photographer Takaba crosses paths with the dark and mysterious leader Asami. Asami takes Takaba captive, in an attempt to subjugate and possess him. But when the son of the Chinese mafia enters demanding evidence that Takaba may have, will Takaba be able to survive being caught in the crosshairs of a deadly underworld feud?


 ABOUT DIGITAL MANGA PUBLISHING:  Located in Gardena, CA, Digital Manga Publishing is one of the industry's most unconventional and innovative companies, specializing in building corporate and cultural bridges from Japan to the Western Hemisphere – specifically through the licensing, importation and preparation of anime (Japanese animation), manga (Japanese comic books) and related merchandise for the North American mainstream and subculture markets. In this capacity, DMI serves as a catalyst for the expansion of Japanese pop culture institutions into global arenas. The company's imprint line includes DMP: its mainstream imprint, DMP PLATINUM: its classic manga imprint, JUNE´: its boys love imprint, 801 MEDIA: its adult boys love imprint, and DokiDoki: its exclusive co-publishing imprint with Shinshokan Publishing. 

 For more information about Digital Manga Publishing, visit 

 ABOUT LIBRE SHUPPAN: Located in Japan, Libre Shuppan is the publisher of Be-Boy, Be-Boy Gold, Junk! Boy and Kurofune Zero. Taking their name from "lib" in Latin for book and liberty, they hope to spread the message to "be free", and "read lots of books". Libre has strived to create unique and one of a kind content for the benefit of all their readers.

For more information about Libre Shuppan, visit:






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