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WEBCOMIC: The Less Than Epic Adventures of…


The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal is a free webcomic about a cross-country trip two hot and oh so gay young guys take from Berkeley to Providence. I came across this webcomic via a Twitter retweet (I think @Blymeyaoi?). Anyway, the story is well on its way so there is plenty to read and yes it is dirty. ;-) It's also being translated into Russian and Portuguese (main page of comic, top left). So far I love the story so I definitely recommend checking it out. As always, you will find the permanent link via the "Webcomics" page listed on the right.

~Jennifer LeBlanc

NEW WEBCOMIC: Artifice by Alex Woolfson

My friend Alex Woolfson over at Yaoi911 has started a new webcomic called Artifice. There are 5 pages already posted and it is set for weekly updates, usually on Saturdays. The artist is Winona Nelson and the art style is more comic book than yaoi. Here's a bit about the story:

Is this comic appropriate for children?

No. It deals with mature romantic and erotic themes and has scenes of very tense action and violence. In terms of content, think The Wire on HBO.

But this comic is a “yaoi” comic. That means there’s going to be lots and lots of explicit sex, right?

Actually, no. I’m telling a grown-up story for other grown-ups—and that will include some erotic scenes—but this isn’t porn. In terms of MPAA movie ratings, some of it is “R” rated, a couple pages even “hard-R”, but not X. If you’re looking for that here, you’re going to be disappointed. But if you’re looking for an entertaining sci-fi story for adults with strong characters and a compelling, thought-provoking plot, then I think you’re going to really enjoy Artifice.

Once there's a bit more to the story, I'll provide a review. In the meantime, I've added the banner and link to the "Webcomics" page to the right.

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI INTERVIEW: HamletMachine of Starfighter

As a continuation of Global Boys' Love Month, I recently interviewed HamletMachine from the webcomic and recently self-published  Starfighter (which I just reviewed). Enjoy!

Since I’m currently featuring “GloBL” artists, can you share with us what country you’re from?
-Sure! I'm from the United States. Born and raised in NYC. 
Why HamletMachine?

-Years and years ago, a friend of mine told me about a theater production she had seen of Die Hamletmaschine, by Heiner Müller and I think my brain nearly exploded from the pleasure of hearing those words together. I'm a big fan of Shakespeare and robots, so I kept the handle, as it embodies so much of what I love!  
Your current project is Starfighter. Are you both the writer and the artist for it?


YAOI REVIEW: Starfighter ~ HamletMachine

Starfighter Chapter 1 ~ Hamlet Machine
47 Story Pages/10 Illustration Pages
Self-published & webcomic
Quick Synopsis:
Space can be a cold place and on a space station full of men (and seemingly no women) what’s a boy to do? Fuck his teammate, that’s what. Ok, so maybe I’m simplifying the story just a bit but to be honest, we’re still early on in a story that is staying tight lipped on what is to come. There’s an unknown enemy to fight, teammates to despise and underhanded scheming that makes me desperate for more.


This is a new webcomic that definitely includes yaoi in it. It's possible it will have some 'het' in it as well, it's too early to tell at this point. So far there are six pages posted and it will be updating three times a month (1st, 10th and 20th).

What do you think? Hot or not?

~Jennifer LeBlanc

YAOI WEBCOMIC: Holy Webcomics Batman!

I hit the motherload of yaoi webcomics. Like tons and tons of them! Here's the link and it goes to a search for all "yaoi" related webcomics on that site. I've read a few and they're pretty good. Keep in mind, some of these are pretty amateur but my suggestion is to look at when it was last updated so you don't read something abandoned and also look at "# of comics" meaning how many pages have been posted so far. You may not want to get too invested in a brand new comic. I've read about six so far and one that I think is pretty cute is Northern Lights. If you find any good ones, comment on this post so others can take a look as well! There are a lot in the search results so good ones could be buried.

CONTEST #3: Starfighter Fanart Contest

This week's contest is a fanart contest based on the Starfighter webcomic. What's up for grabs? How about a signed copy of Chapter 1 of the Starfighter comic? That's right! The winner of this contest will receive their very own print copy of chapter 1 signed by the creator, HamletMachine. Here are the rules: Continue reading »

WEBCOMIC REVIEW: Goodbye Chains ~ Alice Hunt

Alice Hunt – Writer & Creator

Tracy Williams – Current Artist

Aisha Nasir – Prior Artist


Goodbye Chains is an adventure packed webcomic and a funny one at that.  When I heard it was a western comic with a gay communist main character I was intrigued if not a bit baffled.  I’m glad I gave it a chance because I was laughing right from the first few pages. 

Continue reading »


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