AMV: Totally Captivated

This is incredibly well done.  The way the creator put the images together was to tell the story of the song they chose and I was actually a little sad by the end.  Of course, I read this one so the pictures made more sense to me and the turmoil these two have gone through.  If you don't read Totally Captivated, you should.  It's really good and the characters are really sexy.  Well, you can see for youself when you watch!



"Fundoshi is the traditional Japanese underwear for adult males, made from a length of cotton. Before World War II the fundoshi was the main form of underwear for Japanese adult males; however it went out of use quickly after the war with the advent of new underwear, such as briefs and trunks, on the Japanese market.

Nowadays, the fundoshi is mainly used not as underwear but as festival clothing (matsuri) or, sometimes, as swimwear.

There are several types of fundoshi, including rokushaku, kuroneko, mokko and echyuu."
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BOYS’ LOVE GAMES – Online Links

If you're in to BL games, I stumbled across this site on accident.  It is VERY comprehensive and has the most links I think I've ever seen regarding boys' love games.  Here it is:


We've already had Manhwa, which are Korean comics. Now we have Manhua, which are Chinese comics.

"Manhua are Chinese comics originally produced in China. Possibly due to their greater degree of artistic freedom of expression and closer international ties with Japan, Hong Kong and the Republic of China on Taiwan have been the places of publication of most manhua thus far, often including Chinese translations of Japanese manga."


Anyone know of any Chinese boys' love comics?

YAOI NOVEL REVIEW: Passion: Forbidden Lovers ~ Shinobu Gotoh

Hikaru is in love with his teacher, Shima. He expresses his love for him like any high school boy with a crush would; he attacks him in an empty classroom and has his way with him. Realizing just what he’s done Hikaru is humiliated and asks how he can atone for his actions. Instead of turning him in to the authorities, Shima decides Hikaru will be his “make-believe” lover until he graduates. Hikaru could not be more thrilled and so their make-believe relationship begins.
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M/M Erotica Review: True Blue ~ Connie Bailey

This is a really sweet, sexy, romantic story, which at times is also heartbreaking. Just from reading the synopsis of the story, it doesn’t seem like there would be a whole lot of depth to it. Two boys at a prep school fall for each other; one a loner and one a soon to be popular jock. Sounds kind of corny, right? This story is so much more than that and I devoured it completely in one sitting.
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WORD OF THE DAY – Yaoi vs. Boys’ Love Part 2

"Boys' love (BL) is the common term used by the publishing industry to categorize works focusing on male/male relationships marketed at women. Historically these works were referred to as June, but most commercial works are now called BL. The change in terminology was probably due to the negative connotations of the term yaoi and the association with a specific publication of the term June.

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